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Ninja Atlantean Deck List and YDK

A legendary Ninja Deck by Verlon

Last year my build was a bit more aggressive but this build is still fun I only made it to Bring out Poseidra ...

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Batteryman Deck and YDK

Batteryman Deck with 9V

I have not been too active for a long time, but here I am. This is a nice Batteryman Deck able to win ...

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Naturia Deck Profile and YDK

Naturia Deck Profile by Bradley

I’ve been running Naturia’s for ages, and have had an old build of my deck uploaded on here already, but I’d like to ...

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Madolche Deck and YDK 2014

Madolche Deck by Alex

Hi this is my madolche deck that uses the new madolche card “M. Anjelly” i have always been a fan of the madolche ...

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Yugioh Deck Recipes

TeleArcanite Deck Profile

TeleArcanite / Miracle 3.0 by Peter Tran (Supreme Arcanite Deck)

From: Peter Tran Subject: TeleArcanite / Miracle 3.0 My latest and greatest upgrade, I called TeleArcanite-Miracle-Rank 5. Base on my previous deck, TeleDad ...

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Malefic Deck Recipe with Gravekeepers Explained

Malefic Deck Recipe with Gravekeepers

Hi people, now a quick Malefic Deck Profile with some Gravekeepers monsters. The main thing on this deck, is very clear, the brutal ...

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Constellar Recipe Last Banlist September 2013

Constellar Recipe Last Banlist

Hi Yugi Community and welcome to this Constellar Recipe for this Last Format September 2013. I know that outthere we have a lot ...

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Bujin Deck Recipe

Bujin Deck List Last Format

So it looks like Konami is really getting in love with the Bujin¬†Archetype, because is constantly releasing cards and cards ….. What about ...

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